BCC Time Trial Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to the inaugural Thursday night TT this evening. Excellent conditions and a great turnout by the team. We had 7 youth, 16 juniors and masters and 4 cadet team time trial riders out! Awesome to see such a great turnout. 

It was the first race for us and I apologize if my timing was perhaps off by a few seconds on a few of you. It was hard keeping track of riders as they tore across the finish at 45 kph. We'll get this perfected next time! Here's the results:

Youth: 2km 

1. Keiran Ingliss


Youth: 4km

1. Theron Ingliss 7:01

2. Sarah Sneyd 7:13

3. Ava Holmgren 7:30

4. Erin Doble 7:47

5. Rohan Wink 7:52

6. Cedar Wink 9:09


Cadet TTT (15 km): 20:22


Masters and Juniors (15 km)

1. Dave Viney 19:19

2. Matt Staples 19:45

3. Gavin Kerr 20:15

4. Graydon Staples 20:42

5. Brian Cashin 20:55

6. Keith Richards 21:17

7. Jake Allaire 21:28

8. Robb Meier 22:05

9. Jack Sasseville 22:28

10. Dana Gilligan 22:31

11. Greg Clark 22:35

12. Scott Campbell 23:49

13. Mark Hamilton 24:02

14. Jasmin Aggarwal 24:12

15. Tosh Aggarwal 24:40

16. Cliff Lilley 25:18

17. Rod Mysko 26:09

Ladies Rides Changed to Tuesday Nights

Ladies Ride returns and is now on Tuesday nights!

The Ladies Ride will begin tonight. Big thanks to Lesley Johnston and the ride leaders for organizing.

Here are the details:  
- Starting at Fred Grant Square at 6pm

- Average speed 24-27km/hr

- 1-2hrs depending on the route

Please note: Riders must be able to ride in a group and be comfortable drafting.

Check out our ride calendar for all other rides: http://www.barriecycling.com/ride-calendar?view=calendar&month=May-2016.